Why compete in the combine?

  • Rush Club is committed to creating a worldclass experience for the athletes that participate. We are also committed to creating the most entertaining show of fitness and good sportsmanship on the planet. In doing so the revenue generated from the spectating audience will allow us to make good on our promise to create a company that pays athletes as the professionals they are.
  • The combine serves to answer two of our most persistent problems. First, the revenue generated by the applications submitted goes right back to the athletes in the form of prize purses, travel and accommodations, athlete promotions, and marketing. Secondly, it allows our athlete scouts to review applications from qualified and interested athletes for future competition.


How Rush Club combine works

  • Athletes select the weight class from which they wish to be considered to complete in the Rush Club arena.
  • AJ Richards, Rush Club CEO, will select from the top 3 qualifiers and conduct an interview regarding participating in the next Rush Club as an undercard. These interviews will take place when that weight class is being scheduled for competition.
  • All undercard competitors will be selected from Rush Club combine applications only. You will NOT be invited to participate as an undercard if you have not submitted an application and placed in the top 3 for your division.
  • Title contenders can be selected from submitted applications however, Rush Club reserves the right to invite title contenders outside of the combine as well.
  • All combine applications are valid for 12 months and qualifying videos may be resubmitted as many times as a combine participant wishes within that 12 month period.
  • All weight divisions will be featured at least two times per year allowing an opportunity to have 2 chances minimum to be selected for the Rush Club arena.


Additional Competitions

  • In addition to combine qualifiers there will be periodic weight class competitions hosted on the Rush Club combine site. These competitions will not qualify you for selection for a title or undercard shot but will have their own prize purses attached to them. They will also give the Rush Club team more opportunities to get to know you as you participate.
  • Athletes who submit an application for the Rush Club Combine will gain free entry to the monthly Rush Club combine online tournaments for their weight class.